From the heart of Europe up to the Cape of Good Hope

As an experienced Partner of metal working industry we know exactly demands of production process and pressure of scheduled delivery dates.
More than 2000 items are permanently stored and available at our european warehouse – managed by our logistic partner Hitachi in Waardenburg, close to the airport of Schiphol, so that delivery on demand within 24 hours is standard for us. That is the reason why our costumers are not only confident in quality and persistence of our products – availability of products is an essential factor as well – as an competitive advantage.

Your German Distributors / Partners for European Customers

    All over Europe we are working with a network of 40 distribution partners – eight sales representatives are located all over Germany – and special orders on demand will be delivered directly from our factory in Osaka within 60hrs to recipient in Europe – just in time to continue production in high precision.