Our high-performance products are designed & developed for individual demands of high quality production.Innovative manufacturing technology with highest precision provides minimum tolerances to realise meanderings in component processing merely up to 6 micrometres. Shorter cutting periods up to 50% enables to reduce machining significant and contribute competitive advantage.

DIJET Product Search・CAD Download

Modular Heads Series

SKS G2, MSG type, QM MAX G2, MXG type, QM MAX MQX type

Indexable Tools

SKS G2 SKG type, QM MAX G2 GMX type, SKS Extreme EXSKS type, QM MAX QXP type, Mirror Ball BNM type, Mirror radius RNM type

Solid Carbide End Mills

Solid endmill for highhardened material SEHH type, Solid ball nose endmill for highhardened material DV-OCSB type


Simga drill hard DZ-DHS type, Indexable TA-EZ drill TEZD type


Carbide Grades

DIJET Grade for Cutting tools

DIJET Classics


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